Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hostess 100 Calorie Packs

A few days ago, my sister and I were doing a little shopping at Target. While we were standing in the check out line, I saw a shelf with boxes of Hostess 100 Calorie Packs just waiting to be picked. The chocoholic in me said "It's only $2.99 and 100 calories. Do it! Don't be chicken, ya chicken!" So, I picked up the box. I looked over it and put it down back on the shelf. I picked it up for the last time and handed it to my sister. The little voice wins again!

I have to admit, when I opened it and before I took a bite, I thought it would taste horrible. How could it be 100 calories and not taste like cardboard? Well, Hostess apparently knows how to make us woman happy! These are amazing! The first initial bite may make you want to put it down. Don't! Keep taking bites. You definitely will not regret it.

The creamy center is like taking a bite into a cloud. It's really really yummy AND fluffy. I wish I had bowlfuls of the center. That's how good the filling is!

The spongy cupcake is what it should taste like- a cupcake. They can become addicting. Because 3 of them (they're tiny cupcakes) come in one pack, you'll keep wanting more. These tiny cupcakes are moist and not dry at all! The icing on top tastes like heaven! The icing isn't too sweet. And if you're like me, you eat the icing first before eating the rest of the cupcake.

Chocoholics around the world would really enjoy these- even if they don't necessarily realize this product exists!

I absolutely love these little cupcakes and will certainly buy more!

Visit http://www.hostesscakes.com/100/ to find out more about the Hostess 100 Calorie Packs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Country Bob's Sauce

When I say "grilling," what comes to mind? Yup! Yummy barbecue sauce! You know the kind where you could almost (almost being the keyword!) just drink it straight from the bottle? The kind where you just have to yell "YEEHAW!" every time you get a taste? Heck, I almost did. Yes, it tastes that good!

My sister received 2 bottles in the mail yesterday from Country Bob's for her to review. Of course, I had to taste it, too! The first initial taste takes you aback for a second, but then it turns into a taste you can't forget. I wish we had a lifetime supply!

I have to be honest; there's nothing I dislike about this sauce at all! It's all natural seasonings. The blend is really wonderful. It can seriously become addicting. There's literally 0 fat (per the nutritional label) and it is almost like committing a sin because it tastes so good!

Oh right! I forgot to tell my experience with this superb barbecue sauce. Sorry guys, no pictures this time around. Onto the story.... We had some leftover lemon garlic chicken (store bought) and somehow, we needed to jazz it up. Da da da da! Country Bob's to the rescue! There was no need to put the chicken on the grill. We heated it up in the microwave, shredded it up a little bit, then poured some (don't overdo it!) sauce over it! It was phenomenal! It was much better than going to Texas Roadhouse and spending an arm, leg, and a foot to get the same thing. Actually, it's better than Texas Roadhouse!

So for any barbecue sauce goodness, go to Country Bob's, buy your own bottles and you will be amazed, excited, in Heaven... in... Okay, I'm done!

Since there's nothing I dislike, Country Bob's gets 10 out of 10 bubbles! Another prefect 10! Way to go Country Bob's.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stories By Everyone-Scrapbooks, etc Cards

Valentine's Day is coming up soon! I was trying to find some cute Valentine's Day cards that were also adult enough for my friends and family. I came across this cute website. They don't only sell photo books, but they also sell personalized cards. You pick the card you want, add your own picture, edit your name in the "From" space, and voila! They have many different designs to choose from. They not only sell Valentine's Day cards, but they've got birthday, baby, wedding, anniversary, etc. They are all really cute in their own way!

There's no need to edit each one separately. Once you have done one, that's how they are all done. Want to see pictures of the cards I ordered? Well, you get to see the front and the back, but not all of them. The first one is the front. The next one is the back. These pictures really don't do it any justice!


(names blacked out to protect identity of dorks!)

As always, we start with what I like about Stories by Everyone.

It's really easy to order. Once you've edited your card, there's no problem going from choose to order. It's really a simple process!

The quality is exquisite. Like I said, the pictures don't do it justice! The cards are printed from high-quality card stock. These cards are beautiful! You will keep going back! They ever come with their own envelopes! No need to run to the store! Can I get a "YEAH!!!!"??

Now, there is only one (Yep, one! Uno for you Spanish speakers) thing that can get a little irritating- but only slightly. How often does that happen??

When picking your picture, it needs to be a certain size. You may have to go through the picture-picking process (tongue twister!) a few times. However, it's not a major problem and can be quite fun once you get the hang of it.

So go ahead! Visit http://stories.scrapbooksetc.com/ and go order yours now ! You won't be disappointed!

All in all, Stories By Everyone gets 10 out of 10 bubbles!! A perfect 10!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kodak 8.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare M863

On January 2nd (yes, of this year!), I won a much needed $500 e-gift card to Sears thanks to IZEA! Some of that $500 went towards a new digital camera. My family and I definitely needed to upgrade from our other bulky Kodak camera- although we still have it.

Now that I've had it for a few weeks, I have found out that there are some things I love about it, and, and there are some things that could definitely use some improvement. Although, there are more things that I cannot talk about enough than the bad things. That's the type of product you want all of the time. I'd also like to say that I do love Kodak cameras. They last for a very long time in my opinion. They can get kind of pricey, but that's life nowadays.

The first thing that I definitely like about is how thin it is. It's about one inch wide- which makes it easier to carry around with you. There's no bulkiness that takes up a lot of room in your purse/pocket. Also, it is lightweight so you won't feel that it is weighing you or anything you carry around it in down. Way to go, Kodak!

The LCD screen is big enough ( 2-7/10 in.)to view a picture without having to squint to see details! There's no need the magnifying glass for your pictures! That is one thing I was definitely looking for when I was buying a camera. If I can't see who's flipping the bird in the picture, then that would be kind of useless.

This next item I love? One word: Panoramic! You can take 3 separate pictures of a mountain view and it pieces them together. You can only use it in bright light, though. The picture here is of our local park. See how clean the picture is- no seams!
This camera doesn't run on batteries. You don't need to worry, though! It runs on a Lithium-ion battery. However, there's no need to buy another one. It comes with an AC adapter, so just plug it into the wall to charge it. It saves you money! I definitely know how much money you can put into batteries just to make sure your camera is picture-ready!

Now, the only thing I really don't like is one of the settings on the dial on top- High ISO. That setting is for taking pictures with low lighting. For me, when I took a picture, there was a lot of noise in the picture. The picture wasn't worth keeping on the camera. So make sure there is more like than just a candle for the picture.

By the way, this camera has settings for almost any surroundings. Going to the beach? They have that! Is it snowing? Grab the camera! Are you at a football game and you don't want a blurry picture with what LOOKS like a football? TOUCHDOWN! The manual that comes with the camera explains it all!

All in all, this camera gets a 91/2 out of 10 bubbles!

Welcome to CD Reviews!!

Well hello there!! Welcome to Confetti Dreams Reviews! Reviews will be just about anything under the sun! Electronics, music/movies, services, handmade items, food, etc. So why did I do this? Well frankly, don't you like to know what people think of something before you actually buy/use it? Me too! It is much easier to know what to buy and how you believe it will work out for you. I also love blogging and finding new things to use or that my family may like. It's really fun for everyone!

If you would like for me to review your product/service, please e-mail me at confettidreamsreviews@yahoo.com (I know, a very long e-mail address!) Also e-mail me if you have any suggestions for items I should review. I am open to any and all ideas!

Oh yeah, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 24 year old single woman from Texas. I will be attending college to get my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I have a twin sister, 3 cats, and 1 dog who is currently in a state of uncertainty. He was hit by a car earlier this evening, still very much alive and we don't see him dying. I love music (any kind, please!). I love anything green, black, blue, red, or pink.

So, welcome to the beginning of a review blog!

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